ABOUT Arjun and the Teenage Men


ATM was formed early in 2015, when Arjun Dhanraj (of NerveRek), and Roop Thomas (of Blakc) decided to form a commercial cover-band, where they would play popular Pop & Rock covers at corporate shows and big wedding gigs.

They needed another guitar player and a drummer. Vignesh “Viggie” Venkatraman was the obvious choice for guitars, with his strong theory background, his class guitar chops, brilliant melodic sense and his powerful backing vocals, there was no turning back. The trio did acoustic renditions of popular songs and also worked on some of Arjun’s acoustic songs. They worked with a couple of drummers, and started getting good responses for their originals, which they squeezed into their setlist.

The band soon decided to launch a 6 song EP, for which ‘Blakc’ drummer Varun Sood tracked drums. Soon after this, Roop learnt that Mayank Sharma (of Zygnema) has decided to try his hand out at Poprock. ATM finally found their true drummer! They also realised that as much as people love hearing their renditions of covers, they seem to like their originals as much. The band has since written many more songs and can’t wait to hit the studio for a full length album release.