Anhad is a Delhi based Multigenre band famous for recreating the original Sufi music and blending the likes of Semi classical music with the popular culture.

Anhad was formed back in 2013 with the solo motto of inspiring the youth of today with their music.


“Anhad” as the name suggests is short for “Limitless” , or boundless. Because, we believe it is the sound of universe, anhad is endless but constant. The band consists of both male and female vocals. Jas Nischal is the male Lead of the band and shows his skills in Sufi and Punjabi music. Cherry on the female vocals blends her soulful voice in Folk and Sufi as well. Anirban Roy is the lead guitarist and on parallel male vocals and sings bollywood songs like no one else does. Dev Saluja is on Drums. Saif Ali khan is the organist, Vineet Singh is the percussion player and Aashiq Anand is the Bass player of the band.


Anhad has been featured multiple times in National newspapers and television across the country. The band is set to release their first single this next season. It is gonna set new limits we are sure. For where we are today, we are thankful to the people who have supported us and followed our music till date. We hope to entertain the people for years to come. And we want the music we create to last till time does, Anhad.