Your bill at favourite outlet has potential of becoming a mug of cappuccino

Team Loofre

Our goal is to Define a Dining Experience, which would probably not end up with the burp only, but, will also cherish the memory of dining through us, forever.

We ensure that sip of any drink will lead you to the path of happiness where you whisper, I enjoyed!

Meet The Team

Rohit Mahajan
Anil Yadav
Ritika Garg
Parina Jain
Diwakar kumar
Shailendra kumar
Kuldeep Raj
Faisal Rasheed
Abhimanyu Gupta
Praneet Sharma
Shravan Karn
Priyanka sharma
Kunal Jha


Steps to make a Spa Reservation :

  1. 1Search : Search a spa or salon as per your choice of Location, Service or Brand.
  2. 2Select : Choose your desired spa from the list of options.
  3. 3Book : Post selecting desired outlet, make a booking by simply logging in by your Loofre account or Facebook Account.
    1. Select Services : Select services by clicking/tapping on them, you may also check out some of its description as well.
    2. Select A Date : Select a service date.
    3. Select A Time : Select time for booking.
Do not forget to get a Loofre discount or any other discount applicable on your TOTAL bill.

Voila! Sit back & Relax. Now it’s time to roll!

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